Extreme Sports Events to Bet On

It isn’t easy to distinguish which industry is growing the fastest between online gambling and extreme sports. Both online casinos and extreme sports provide their clients and fans with exciting and thrilling entertainment which stands out from other entertainment options.

Now you can even mix them up, bet n extreme sports; whether betting on your favourite team or favourite extreme sport, an iBet casino bonus offer is a great way to enjoy extreme sports and gambling in one place.

These are the most

O Marisquino

O Marisquino is known throughout Europe as the most important extreme sports event, especially when it comes to betting options. The event started in 2001 and has drawn many sports fans and extreme sports enthusiasts. With three days of extreme sports and over 160 000 yearly attendances, there’s no wonder why this event is one of the most exciting to bet on.

You expect some of the best in extreme sports, including skateboarding and dirt jumping, with this event.

The X Games

The X Games is the most-watched extreme sports event globally and provides a variety of ways to bet on different sports. Established in 2015 under ESPN, the event hosts professional athletes and teams active in extreme sports such as motocross, skateboarding, rally, and surfing.

The winter X Games also provide snowboarding and a great chance to bet on extreme winter sports.

The Abanca Galicia Classic Surf Pro

The Abanca Galicia Classic Surf Pro competition is one of the most intense surfing competitions in the world. It is considered the most important championship in the European circuit for surfing leagues, and you can bet on some of the most famous surfers from around the world.

These are some of the most exciting extreme sports events to use for betting and provide a lot of entertainment when used responsibly.