Upcoming Extreme Sports Festivals

One of the most critical aspects of extreme sports is watching the events live. Performances found at festivals and fairs are trendy due to fans getting a part of the thrill by witnessing the stunts and tricks happening in front of them.

Throughout Canada, there are various extreme sports festivals and events to attend, and this article will give you the lowdown on the most entertaining and exciting extreme sports events in Canada for 2022.

Jackalope Festival – 19 August to 21 August

Jackalope Atlantic is the largest extreme sports event in Canada. The festival sees over 22 000 attendees indulging in skateboarding and boxing activities each year. This is a festival dedicated to adrenaline junkies. The festival provides excellent music and food stalls while still providing exciting international competitions in extreme sports and demonstrations.

Hosted by the World Cup Skateboarding and IBIKE CRIT, attendees will stay entertained with Canada’s most exciting extreme sports festival.

World Ski and Snowboard Festival – 16 April

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival is known as one of Canada’s most important extreme sports festivals. It’s a marathon of ski and snowboarding that draws over a thousand fans each year. The event doesn’t host only sports but also brings music, competitions, art, filmmaking, photography, and exciting nightlife into the equation.

This event provides skiing and snowboarding athletes and fans the best chance to indulge in an exciting sports event focused on entertainment and extreme winter sport.

Crankworx Whistler – 05 August to 14 August

Crankworx Whistler 1 - Upcoming Extreme Sports Festivals

Crankworx Whistler is dedicated to satisfying the needs of all BMX bikers with a full-blown 9-day festival. Whistler is the mountain biking capital of the world, explaining just how important this festival is and how it focuses on its roots.

The festival provides various events such as the Canadian Open DH, the official Whip-ff Championships, Red Bull Joyride, and the Dual Slalom. These events are world-renowned in extreme sports and should not be missed by fans.

These festivals will provide you with an unforgettable experience and entertainment with pro athletes doing difficult stunts and competing for the title. If you are able to perform stunts, you might also have a chance of using the tracks.